The Junior Woodchucks

The organisation

The Junior Woodchucks is a big, world-wide organisation. A woodchuck is a kind of rodent. The Junior Woodchucks appear for the first time in "Operation St. Bernhard" (WDC 125-02). The organisation was probably formed in Duckburg - Huey, Dewey and Louie are members of Troop A ("Traitor in the Ranks", JW 11-01/ H 92085 ), troop one ("The Golden Fleecing", US 12-02). In addition we know of troop G and K from Duckburg and battalion Z from Goosetown, and the sixth woodchuck army from Mudhen City ("The Black Forest Rescue", WDC 227-01). We also know of Junior Woodchucks in Arabia, Huey, Dewey and Louie receives help from troop 646, desert patrol in "McDuck of Arabia" (US 55-01).

Huey, Dewey and Louie are three of the best Junior Woodchucks ("Traitor in the Ranks ", JW 11-01/ H 92085 ).
Huey as non-hightail and hightail
In ("Dread Valley Sandy",WDC 221-01) we learn that the science hall for all the Junior Woodchucks of the world is located in Duckburg. The school is payed for by Scrooge. That is probably why an observer from the World Office of the Junior Woodchucks monitors the Duckburg Junior Woodchuck when they hold a bridge building competition against the Chikadees in "The Chickadee Challenge", (WDC 181-01).
The Junior Woodchucks headquarter?
The Junior Woodchucks headquarter?
The Junior Woodchuck hall of fame mentioned in "Once upon a Carnival" (WDC 279-01) is probably located in the headquarter

When Duckburg's coach falls ill in "Bubble Weight Champion" (WDC 282-01), Donald has to take his turn (he is a substitute coach). We get a glimpse of Junior Woodchuck hut no.106 in "Baloonatics" (WDC 242-01). The Junior Woodchucks have influential friends - senator Birdfrind is a junior Woodchuck ("Eagle Savers", JW 11-02/ H 99044) and the organization has influence in city hall ("Bottled Battlers", JW 10-02/H 94141).

Only parts of the organizational structure is known. Major is the lowest rank in the Junior Woodchucks, and colonel is the rank you have before you are promoted to brigadier general or firve star general ("Operation St. Bernhard", WDC 125-02). International twelve-star admiral and deputy custodian of the fountain of inexhaustible knowledge (I.T.S.A.A.D.C.O.T.F.O.I.K.) is a very high rank ("The Chickadee Challenge", WDC 181-01). In ("My Lucky Valentine", WDC 150-01) Huey, Dewey and Louie become exalted hightails the rank above ten-stars generals. Hightails are allowed to wear the tails of the caps on top! We know nothing of the rank above hightail, but we do see the Exalted Grand Marshal of Duckburg burrow number 13 in ("Ten-Star Generals", WDC 132-02). We also see other supervisors and troop leaders, such as C.O.O.L.H.E.A.D., have a look at A.B.B.R.E.V.I.A.T.I.O.N.S.. We also know of "Chevalier of the Honor Guard" ("Valentine Mailman", WDC 150-01).


The rules for a Junior Woodchuck are strict. You are expected to show up at all troop meetings and contests unless you are ill. Absence for other reasons are punished - you demoted to five-star general ("The Dog Sitter", WDC 238-01) and the penalty for skipping tests is having to peel twenty sacks of potatoes ("Under Polar Ice", WDC 232-01). A heap of medals If a recruit troop is unable to teach a recruit basic skills, it is punished ("Traitors in the Ranks", JW 11-01/ H 92085). Huey, Dewey and Louie loose two medals for "noisy misconduct",the troop they may loose four merit badges for walking in circles and so on. If a troop is unable to save a recruit, it is drummed out of the organization. Honesty is also appreciated, Junior Woodchuck never lie ("Secret of Atlantis", US 5-02).


The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook is famous, but it is not the only equipment the Junior Woodchucks use. We know of the Junior Woodchucks' telescope ("Tralla la", US 6-02), the Junior Woodchucks calendar, which looks like a watch ("Cave of Ali Baba", US 37-02), the alarm bell ("Bad Day for Troop 'A'", JW 8-03/H 92002), and the Junior Woodchucks' explorer helicopter in "The Swamp of No Return" (US 57-02).

Other scout organizations in Duckburg

The Junior Woodchucks is not the only scout organization in Duckburg, we also know ofthe Chickadees ("The Chickadee Challenge", WDC 181-01; "The Merry Ferry", WDC 260-01; "Maple Sugar Time" (JW 10-01/ H 94001) and "Eagle Savers" JW 11-02/ H 99044). This is an organisation for girls. In "Woodchucks vs. Boneheads" (WDC 132-02) we learn that Donald was a member of the Booneheads. This does not mean that he actually learned anything from that organisation.

What Do The Woodchucks Do When The Woodchucks Do Woodchucking?

Junior Woodchucks in need of money The Junior Woodchucks have many activities. The activities may be as different as decorating windows ("The Christmas Cha-Cha", DG 26-01) and rescue in a blizzard ("Operation St. Bernhard", WDC 125-02). Sometimes the troops invite famous persons to give a lecture, like when Scrooge tells about his life in Yukon in "The Loony Lunar Gold Rush" (US 49-01). At other times the junior woodchucks themselves tell about exiting experiences. Huey, Dewey and Louie have to tell about an adventure in "Crown of the Mayas " (US 44-01). But sometimes the meetings are about more mundane activities, like dealing with bad economy in "Gold of the '49ers", JW 13-02/ H 92107). Christmas dinner ("X-mas Dinner Swindle" (WDC 148-01) is a bit more interesting.


The Junior Woodchucks spend much of their time in practising rescue operations. The section about rescue is large , and the troops spend much time on learning how to rescue people in need. Rescue is an important part of the tests leading up to promotion in the organization. We see Huey, Dewey and Louie training Bolivar (Boneworthy in this story) as a mountain rescue dog "Operation St. Bernhard" (WDC 125-012), and the boys need to pass life saving tests to become ten-star generals ("Woodchucks vs Boonheads", WDC 132-02).
Saving uncle from drowning
Unorthodox revival
To be a ten-star general you also have to pass indian tests, and to be a exalted hightails ("Valentine Mailman", WDC 150-01) you need to pass a life saving test. Part of the training for these tests is probably the use of native Americans' smoke writing (which Huey, Dewey and Louie use in " Turkey Trot at One Whistle", WDC 162-01). They also learn Woodchuck code ("The Screaming Cowboy", WDC 137-02), semaphore ("Bottled Battlers", JW 10-02/ H 94141) and how to make arrows with stones when you are kidnapped by Arabic crooks ("McDuck of Arabia", US 55-01). Waving feet is a Junior Woodchucks distress signal according to "Maple Sugar Time" (JW 10-01/ H 94001).
Woodchuck code
Woodchuck code

Even the Junior Woodchucks hound learn rescue. Donald is jealous when the hound saves all the pretty women in "The Beach Boy" (WDC 276-02). Read more about this conflict at my Junior Woodchucks hound page. The Junior Woodchucks have to rescue Donald quite often, like when the pull him out of quicksand and remove a turtle which has attached itself to Donald bill in "The Chickadee Challenge" (WDC 181-01). When Donald tries to save his nephews in "The Watchful Parent" (WDC 228-01), they have to revive him. They say "lucky we studied water rescues at Junior Woodchucks annual camp!" The Junior Woodchucks also has to lend a helping hand when Donald falls through the ice in "Duck out of Luck" (WDC 294-01). This is probably the tip of the iceberg. Many a rescue is probably not reported in the Duckburg chronicles.

The frequent rescues are probably the reasoon for Donald's willingness to og missing in "The Hollow Tree" (WDC 227-01). In this story we are told that the Junior Woodchucks do not need modern equipment to communicate during rescues. They may use drums or smoke writing. The only problem with these ways of communicating is that they may hurt the person they are trying to save. All these exercises is really just a game - children are noe allowed to take part in rescues (officially). That is why they have to pretend just being in the area when a plane crashes in "Bad Day for Troop 'A'" (JW 8-03/ H 92002). When they reach the crashsite the rescue is performed as a contest between the two troops.


But the Junior Woodchucks do not only save humans, they are concerned with environmental issues. In "Hark the Ark" (JW 23-01) they save all animals from Mistyvale forest, no difference it be an elephant or woodticks. The Woodchucks' concern for the environment is an important issue in the Junior Woodchucks stories Barks wrote in retirement. In "Let Sleeping Bones Lie" (JW 8-01 / D/D 2003-003) the Junior Woodchucks are taught botany and palaeontology , and they are cleaning up the roadsides in "Bottled Battlers" "
Sabotage on Scrooge's factory
Sometimes the Junior Woodchucks have to destroy factories in order to save the environment
(JW 10-02/ H 94141). This story is a report from the year the sorceress Magica de Spell put three Junior Woodchucks in a bottle. She does not care about Junior Woodchucks or the environment (her broom pollutes heavily ). In "Looter of the Lake" (JW 9-01/D 2006-237) the Woodchucks even break the law when Scrooge operates a factory which spoils Crystal Lake.
Junior Woodchuck saving mice
Junior Woodchuck saving mice from a certain death.
They cause the vitamin factory to blow up and cheer "the ecology is saved" when Scrooge does not want to listen to them. Later, in "Eagle Savers" (JW 11-02/ H 99044) they stop Scrooge from driving the bald eagles from their nests and in "Gold of the Forty-Niners" (JW 13-02/ H 92107) they save mustangs from wild horse hunters who want to turn the mustangs into dog food.

When possible the Woodchucks help out others fighting pollution and destruction of the environment. In "The Phantom Joker" (JW 22-01/ H 98254) they raise money to buy a new cable car to Donald. The one he is using to monitor pollution is almost broken. In fact, it breaks down when Donald tries to stop their fundraising to get the money himself.

When the Junior Woodchucks do not save nature, they use it for camping. Usually they bring their own tents, but now and then they have to make their own tents from grass. We see an example of their skills when they make a tent that survives the the Commanche mountain mover which ruins their school in "Storm Dancers" (JW 12-02/ H 92012). The Junior Woodchucks experience nature in their local community and elsewhere. They are watching birds in "The Stubborn Stork" (OS 1047-03), and are taught bee-keeping in "Bee Bumbles" (WDC 158-01). That does not end well. Donald tries to remove the bees by carrying the hive through town. That kind of action is not what the Junior Woodchucks need to raise money for their organization.


Fundraising occupies much of the Junior Woodchucks' time. Sometimes they raise money for others, like the poor in Duckburg ("A Christmas for Shacktown", OS 367-02) and an eagle refuge ("Eagle Savers", (JW 11-02/ H 99044). They even have their own charity fund raised by pancake breakfasts and selling maple sugar Selling cookies ("Maple Sugar Time" JW 10-01/ H 94001). In this story we also learn that Junior Woodchucks would not give marshmallows to a starving child.

Still, much time i devoted to raising funds for the organization. They even try to find gold bricks with treasure finders in "Gold of the Forty-Niners" (JW 13-02/ H 92107) because the treasury is almost empty. Looking for gold They have tried collecting bottles og selling cookies. Medals are probably a major expense for the organiztion. In "Teahouse of the Waggin' Dragon" (JW 19-01/D 2005-141) the Junior Woodchucks sell cookies for their medal fund. In this story Scrooge unintentionally saves the Woodchucks (he tries to cheat them). We also learn of the Junior Woodchucks turkey raffle ("Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year", WDC 136-02).

Scrooge is not famous for handing out money, but paying the Junior Woodchucks for a commercial is a different matter ("Looter of the Lake" JW 9-01). It looks like it is important to both Scrooge and the Junior Woodchucks to have a good relationship. Scrooge even tells about the danger of gold fever in "The Loony Lunar Gold Rush" (US 49-01), and he finances "Duckburg Science Hall for the Junior Woodchucks of the World" in "Dread Valley Sandy" (WDC 221-01), probably to gain access to the Junior Woodchucks guidebook. The Junior Woodchucks in return helps Scrooge being elected city treasurer in "A Campaign of Note" (US 8-03), and when Scrooge has to spend a lot of money to avoid expanding his money bin in "Spending Money" (WDC 144-01) they help out Donald. It does not work, though. And in "A Christmas for Shacktown " (OS 367-02) the Junior Woodchucks help Scrooge saving his money.

Tests and competitions

WDC 125-02 Operation St. Bernhard Training a dog to save lost travelers (part of the training in life-saving)
WDC 132-02 Woodchucks vs. Booneheads Badge in archery
Badge in Indian crafts (building canoes,
Badge in lifesaving
WDC 150-01 Valentine Mailman Life saving and drowning resusciation test
WDC 181-01 The Chickadee Challenge Building bridges
WDC 232-01 Under Polar Ice Junior Woodchucks magnetic navigation tests
WDC 253-01 Hound Hounder Sending secret messages by Junior Woodchucks hound-competition
WDC 261 Medaling around The Junior Woodchuck supreme medal of overwhelming tracking merit
WDC 276-02 The Beach Boy The hound has to guard blakets util sundown
WDC 282-01 Bubble Weight Champ Anvil-smashing contest One-hand pushups
One-finger pushdown
Boxing by coaches
US 61-02 So Far and No Safari The Junior Woodchucks animal-taming tests (Huey, Dewey and Louie also practice bird and animal calls in "The Mines of King Solomon (US 19-02)
JW 8-03/
H 92002
Bad Day for Troop "A" Knots
litter-bearing contest
stretcher carrying
JW 9-01 Looter of the Lake Winter skating tournament
JW 11-01/
H 92085
Traitor in the Ranks How much can a novice learn in one day

Gold and golden horse
Sometimes helping animals pays

The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook

The Junior Woodchucks find much information in their guidebook. No one else are allowed to read it, but Scrooge is permitted to have a look in it in "Secret of Atlantis" (US 5-02). This is the first time we see the famous book. From time to time the Woodchucks have difficulties finding the information they seek because it is badly organized. In "So far and no safari" (US 61-02) Scrooge offers to pay for an index because Huey, Dewey and Louie need to look at several chapters of the book while looking for important information in dangerous situations. They spend so much time searching before they find out how to make a crocodile open its mouth that Scrooge is nearly eaten (they find the information in the A's under 'ah'). If the Guidebook does not contain information about a subject, you are probably dealing with an unknown phenomenon. That is, at least, what Huey, Dewey and Louie says in "Let Sleeping Bones Lie" (JW 8-01 / D/D 2003-003).

Life saving :

WDC 181-01 The Chickadee Challenge How to pull persons from quicksand
How to mak a snapping turtle go
DD 46-02 Secret of Hondurica How to cross a river full of crocodiles (with pictures of "stork tables")
JW 13-01/
H 92051
The Day the Mountain Shook How to work Junior Woodchucs loose from the dough used by Napoleon for baking emergency tires

Natural science:

US 5-02 Secret of Atlantis Shallow waters is greener than the rest of the ocean because it has more plancton
US 6-02 Tralla la The waters of a spring come through fissures in the basic rock
US 12-02 The Golden Fleecing Section on unusual beasts:
Pepper makes dragons sneeze
Pulling wool over a dragons eyes makes it sleep
US 14-05 A Square Inch of Land Prairie dog holes slope away from the preveiling winds
US 18-02 Land of the Pigmy Indians A page on rare eaths
US 61-02 So far and no Safari How to make crocodiles open the jaw, so that you can save your uncle
JW 12-02/
H 92012
Storm Dancers A Sioux stomp that once raised the Mississippi twelve feet
A Blackfeet boogie that makes an inch of rain for ten minutes of dancing
The Commanche mountain mover


DD 46-02 Secret of Hondurica Native Hondurican
Hondurican picture writing
US 7-02 The Seven Cities of Cibola Cibolan picture writing
US 10-02 The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone Cretan writing
US 18-02 Land of the Pygmy Indians A spear pointing at an egg means 'Go back where you came from'
D 94003 Horsing Around With History Pre-cuneiform

Geography and history:

US 7-02 The Seven Cities of Cibola The lost ship of the desert has been seen several times in the last four centuries
US 10-02 The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone Chapter on Crete:
Crete was the headquarters of the Saracene pirates. They had a regular city in the labyrinth
The entrance to the labyrinth is near the ruins of the palace of king Minos
Traps in the labyrinth
US 12-02 The Golden Fleecing Section on the golden fleecing (probably in the mythology section)
US 37-02 Cave of Ali Baba Nobody knows when the earliest Arabian Nights tales began - or if they were about real people!
JW 13-01/
H 92051
The Day the Moutain Shook Napoleon's formula for baking emergency cannon tires

Other information

US 11-01 The Great Steamboat Race How to raice a ship by using inner tubes
How to start the engine of a steamboat
What to do when the boiler on a steamboat is leaking (jump overboard and swim for your life)
US 12-02 The Golden Fleecing Dental work
US 18-02 Land of the Pigmy Indians Recipies under 'Magic'
WDC 125-02 St.Bernard rescue How to train a dog to go out in the snow and look for lost travelers (part of the capter on dogs)
CID 1-02 Tabu Yama How James Watt bounced the lid on his mother's teakettle by plugging the spout
D 94003 Horsing Around With History Trigonometry

The Junior Woodchuck hound

In "Black Forest Rescue" (WDC 227-01) we are told that the Junior Woodchucks do not use bloodhounds to track lot people - they track by skill alone! But sometimes their skills are not enough, and they have to use the Junior Woodchuk bloodhound.
Bloodhound allergic to cat hairs
In "Black Forest Rescue" (WDC 227-01) Donald is transported into the Black Forest by helicopter. The Junior Woodchuck hound looks up into the air because Donald was flown in, and it would have found Donald had it not been allergic to cat hairs.

Huey, Dewey and Louie borrow the Junior Woodchuck hound to find Donald in In "Spring Cleaning" (WDC 213-01) too. In this story we learn that the hound's name is Snozzie. It has never lost in a competition because it can track persons anywhere. The hound even has a nose filter to help it tracking uncles trying to escape spring cleaning
The best place to be
Short career for Bolivar
by climbing trees. But there is no way Donald can escape a dog able to track men in rubber shoes through the aisles of fish markets. Donald should know better! When Donald succeeds in clogging up the hound's nose, it feels its way to stop the stupid duck (using dark glasses to emphasize its skill).

Donald's relationship to the hound is shaped by his behaviour in "Medaling Around" (WDC 261-01). In this story the Junior Woodchucks hound is dishonoured to the rank S.L.O.B. (Simple, Lowdown, Ordinary Boobhound) after having misjudjed Donald's false lion trail. But soon it saves Donald from an escaped lion and is S.S.S.S. AND S.O.S.S. (Supremely Sagacious Spoor Sniffer and Saver Of Stranded Souls)

This is not Donald's only confrontation with Snozzie, probably because of Donald's dislike of a animal that is smarter that himself. Hound and red herring This is easy to see in "Hound Hounder" (WDC 253-01). In this story Snozzie does not wear a license because it must not be caught by spies while bringing a message from one troop to another troop. The Junior Woodchucks confidently claims the hound is smarter than Gyro. The problems all start when the dogcatcher (Donald) sees the missing license. He tries a fake meaty bone, essence of Burgerbalm, and false cats with no succeess. In the end he has to abandon fair play and puts up so many conflicting signs that the hound does not know where to go. And so the messenger is caught and Huey, Dewey and Louie's troop is on the verge of being given the title J.O.I.K.S. (Just Ordinary Insignificant Kid Simpletons), but Snoozie breaks out of the pen and reaches its destination before the hound of the other troop's hound is attracted by the (false) the wooing call of the Cameroonian cuddle hound - a behaviour not worthy a Junior Woodchucks hound. Snozzie is iven the G.C.O.T.O.O.M. (Grand Commanders Of The Order Of Mercury) even though the troop has to pay licensees for thirty dogs unless they are able to catch the dogs set free by their hound.

Later Donald is provoked when Snozzie is awarded K.I.N.G. (Knightly, Intrepid, Natatorial Guardian) for saving all the pretty girls and leaving the ugly ones for Donald to rescue in "Beach Boy" (WDC 276-02). To revenge the debasement Donald prepares extremely fragrant food and both the K.I.N.G. and the grand overseer of all woodchuckism is tempted to behave dishonourably. When this fails Donald pretends to be drowning to make Snozzie fail a test. But the hound does not leave its post until Donald gets in real danger, which leads to its expulsion from the organization. Being kicked out of the Junior Woodchuks is to much for the dog, and it forces Donald to make a delicious dish - which is what was needed for being reinstated and being given the title G.P.O.O.T.K.H. (Great Peerless Overseer Of The Kitchen Help).

Snozzie The honourable being does not carry a grudge for this. It does, at least, help Donald winning a skating/fishing competition by releasing quite a few cats from Mee-yow Cat Farm in "Duck out of Luck"(WDC 294-01). The cats eat Gladstone's fish, and Donald wins because the tiny fish he finds in his pocket is the only "surviving" fish. The junior Woodchucks hound goes skating in this story, btw.

Maybe helping Donald is what causes Snoozie's cowardice in "Hound of the Moaning Hills" (JW 12-01/ D/D 2002-015). In this story the hound faints after seeing the footprints of a giant dog. Only when the Junior Woodchucks are in peril does the hound correct this shameful behaviour. The following fight results in "The Golden Bone of Meritoriousness."

Nevertheless, this is the time we see Snozzie. But, we see two other dogs used by the Junior Woodchucks. Donald's dog Bolivar (Boneworthy in this story) is trained as a recue dog in "Operation St.Bernhard" (WDC 125-02) - the perfect task for a St.Bernhard dog as long as it does not prefer the warmth of the hearth to rescuing people in a blizzard. Bolivar is never used as a Junior Woodchucks hound again, even though he is given a medal for saving five lives.
Pluto as the Junior Woodchucks hound
Pluto knows how to use the Junior Woodchucks guidebook
The cause of this may be that Bolivar eats his medal believing it is a cake, or it may be that a Junior Woodchucks hound has to know how to read. Snoozie and Pluto, at least, know how to read.

Pluto features in two stories (replacing the Snozzie at the request of an Western editor). In "Let Sleeping Bones Lie" (JW 8-01 / D/D 2003-003) the Junior Woodchucks find the remnants of a colossal prehistoric animal. Pluto saves the bones of Colossosaurus Duckburgus Woodchucki from Scrooge. First by blowing up Scrooge's machinery and later by putting Pie-eyedus Wierdus Nightmarus in the soup Scrooge is making in the snack bar he starts inside the skeleton. Later, in "The Day the Mountain Shook" (JW 13-01 / H 92051) Pluto discovers NAPOLEON'S FORMULA FOR BAKING EMERGENCY CANNON TIRES in the Junior Woodchucks guidebook. This enables the degraded Huey, Dewey and Louie to put Scrooge's giant whirling mountain grinder out of order so that they are reinstated as generals (being a beanhead is no fun).


*Abbreviations with Back-Breaking Results for Every Visiting Investigator of All The Irritating Organisational Nonsensical Sentences

The Junior Woodchucks are frequent users of abbreviations. Below is an index of the abbreviations Barks used in his stories.

WDC 125-02 St.Bernard rescue O.R.ST.B Operation rescue Saint Bernhard
WDC 158-01 Bee Bumbles F.F.E.J.W.W. Future Farm Experts of the Junior Woodchucks of the World
WDC 181-01 The Chickadee Challenge G.U.C.O.T.R.O.I.S. Great, unopposable commandant of the realm of inextinguishible sagacity
I.T.S.A.A.D.C.O.T.F.O.I.K. International Twelve-Star Admiral And Deputy Custodian Of The Fountain Of Inexhaustible Knowledge
WDC 221-01 Tracking Sandy O.O.O.T.Q.F.U.E. Omnipotent Overseer Of The Quest For Unsurpassable Excellence
WDC 253-01 Hound Hounder J.O.I.K.S. Just Ordinary Insignificant Kid Simpletons
G.C.O.T.O.O.M. Grand Commanders Of The Order Of Mercury
WDC 261-01 Medaling Around S.L.O.B. Simple, Lowdown, Ordinary Boobhound
S.S.S.S and S.O.S.S. Supremely Sagacious Spoor Sniffer and Saver Of Stranded Souls
WDC 276-02 Beach Boy K.I.N.G. Knightly, Intrepid, Natatorial Guardian
B.T.H.H.M. Bucket To Hold His Medals
G.P.O.O.T.K.H. Great Peerless Overseer Of The Kitchen Help
US 49-01 The Loony Lunar Gold Rush O.G.U.F.O.O.L. Omnipotent Giver of Unimpeachably Full-bodied Observations on Omniscient Logic
M.A.S.L.L.B.P.C.M. Mighty Admirable Sachem of the Long Limosusine and Benevolent Payer of the Clubhouse Mortage
JW 6-01/D 2006-260 Peril of The Black Forrest B.O.W. W.O.W. Be-strewer Of Well-padded Wisdom, Omniscience, and Whatever
JW 6-03/D 2006-238 Life Savers H.I.S.S. Hardheaded Intuitive Sagacity Spreader
P.O.A.H.M. Possessor Of All His Marbles
JW 7-01/D 2005-013 Whale of Good Deed T.O.P. B.R.A.S.S. Thunderbolt of Omniscient Perspicacity and Boss Ramrod of Abounding Succor Spreaders
JW 8-01/D/D 2003-003 Let Sleeping Bones Lie J.A.W.B.O.N.E. Judicious Abstruse Wise Bestower Of Neolithic Edification
JW 8-03/
H 92002
Bad day for troop "A" R.I.N.G.T.A.I.L.E.D. S.N.O.R.T.E.R. Radiant, Illustrious, Notable, Glittering, Topflight Analytical Instructor in Logistical Engineering Dynamics and Sharpeyed, Nitpicking, Overseer, Recorder, Tabulator, and Excuse Rejecter
JW 9-01/
H 94001
Looter of the Lake C.O.O.L.H.E.A.D. Calmer of Outbreaks, Outcries, Lamentations, Hassles, Expostulations, Annimosity, and Disquietude
JW 10-01/
H 94001
Maple Sugar Time S.A.P.P.Y.P.A.P.P.Y. Stern Advocator of Peanut-Picking Yardmasterism and Peerless Abecedarian Producer of Praiseworthy Youth
JW 10-02 Bottled Battlers D.E.M.I.J.O.H.N. Dynamic Earthshaking Molder of Immaculate Junk Obliterators Here and Now
JW 11-01/
H 92085
Traitor in the Ranks B.R.A.S.S. G.A.S.S.E.R. Brain Rattling Assigner of Stupendous Sweatouts and Giver of Awesome Scathing Scoldings and Expurgatory Roustings
JW 11-02/
H 99044
Eagle Savers T.A.I.L.C.R.A.N.K.E.R. Tempestuous Assailer of Indolent Lackadaisicalness and Case-hardened Requirer of Absolute Nose-dipping, Kowtowing, Ear-cocking Rwgimentationalism
W JW 12-01
D/D 2001-015
Hound of the Moaning Hills I.R.O.N.H.E.A.R.T Intrepid Router of Overblown Nocturnal Hobgoblins, and Exposer of Addlepated Rumormongering Taletellers
JW 12-02/
H 92012
Storm Dancers J.O.Y. K.I.L.L.E.R. Jaw-breaking Order Yeller and Know-it-all Intoner of Leather-lunged Lecturing, Excoriating and Rank-rattling
JW 13-01/
H 92051
The Day the Mountain Shook B.E.L.L.E.R.I.N.G. B.U.L.L.N.E.C.K. Bellicose Expecter of Limitless Lionization, Esteem, Reverence, and Indefatigable Never-dying Gung-ho, as well as Bedeviller of Unskillful, Lunkheaded Lallygaggers, and Nemesis of Extemporizing Campground Know-nothings
JW 14-01/
H 92001
Duckmade Disaster G.U.F.F. S.P.O.U.T.E.R. Gentle, Unflappable, Friendly Fellow and Serene, Peacful, Ordely, Tranquil Example of Reasonableness
JW 15-01/
H 98239
Waiting Whalers T.U.B.B.A. B.L.U.B.B.E.R. Towering, Unperturbable Bellwether of Brobdingnagian Adventures, and Belchfiring Larruper of Unsavory Beachrats, Buccaneers, and Ecology Ravagers
JW 16-01/
D/D 2003-038
Where there's Smoke H.O.T. S.H.O.T.T.E.R. Hawkeyed Ogler of Twigs, Sprigs, Herbs, Oaks, Truffles, Thickets, Eelgrass and Ragweeds
JW 17-01/
D/D 2002-023
Be Leery of Lake Eerie S.O.A.P. F.R.E.A.K. Stern Overseer of Aquatic Peccadillos and Fastidious Rectifier of Ecological Abuses and Knaveries
W JW 19-01/
D 2005-141
Teahouse of the Waggin' Dragon W.A.F.E.R. W.A.V.E.R. Whip-Cracking Achiever of Frightfully Efficient Regimentation and Wrathful Armtwisting Vocalizer of Expostulatory Rake-downs
JW 20-01/
D/D 2002-001
New Zoo brews Ado M.O.N.K.E.Y.S.U.N.C.L.E. Multifabulous Overseer of Noteworthy Knot-tying Eagle-spying, Yodel-crying, and Sockdrying, as well as Understander of Nature and Converser with Lions and Elks
JW 21-01/
D 2006-142
Music Hath Charm S.L.A.C.K.E.R. W.H.A.C.K.E.R. Stentorian, Law-spouting, Adjucating Cracker of Knobs and Expounder of Rules as well as Watchdog, Herdmaster, Admiral, Commodore, King, Emperor, and Rip-roarer
JW 22-01/
H 98254
Highwire heroes S.M.O.G. D.O.G. Snifferocious Measurer, Observer, and Gatherer of Deleterious Oxygen Gunkups
JW 23-01/
D 2005-051
Hark, Hark the Ark! T.R.O.O.P.E.R.P.O.O.P.E.R. Tempestuous Requester of Overblown Obedience, Perfection, Enthusiasm and Reliability, as well as Propounder of Outrageously Ostentatious Programs, Enterprises and Razzledazzles
JW 25-01/
D 2006-240
Superskipperne T.O.R.S.K.E.S.K.O.L.T. Torskenes, Ormenes, Rottenes, Soppenenes, Krabbenes og Edderkoppenes Suverene, Klartenkte,Opph√łyde, Lysende Talsmann

One last abbreviation used by Donald after the Junior Woodchuck hound has turned loose a great number of dogs in "Hound Hounder" (WDC 253):